stagger small shelves back and forth across a corner for a cat ladder.  much cheaper and not as tacky. Install next to stove!

DIY cat perches

Cat walk beams that built in open air space. Cat steps that goes up to the cat walk. Cat house under the bathroom sink. Cat door in every do.

So many useful ideas for these picture hangers... I like the cat wall and a separate idea to add hooks to use as a hat hanger.

Cats Toys Ideas - Two cats hanging out on DIY cat shelves made using IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges at different distances and heights above a sofa - Ideal toys for small cats

Oval shelfcat wall bed cat shelves cat furniture by cosyanddozy

curved cat shelf wall mounted shelf cat furniture cushion SOFT GRAY cat shelve bed for cat wall shelf cat bed pet supplies cosyanddozy

Cat accessories cat shelves cat furniture pet design cat bed grey cat bed maplewalnut and wenge shade of wood cappuccino fabric

Ikea Lack Shelf Made Into Cat Furniture Flickr Photo Sharing On

Ikea Lack shelf converted to kitty steps doing this in spare room for izzy :)

Cat Tree Wall Ikea Hack - an easy, 5-step tutorial by Britta Swiderski

Cat Tree Wall Ikea Hack – A Tutorial

DIY Cat Hacks - Cat Tree Wall Ikea Hack - Tips and Tricks Ideas for Cat Beds and Toys, Homemade Remedies for Fleas and Scratching - Do It Yourself Cat Treat Recips, Food and Gear for Your Pet - Cool Gifts for Cats

Hanging basket kitty bed - easily DIY-able with any basket color and fabric at michael's! Always secure them though with nails or screws through a block of wood + then the basket to the wall.

Wondrous Wednesday's, the DIY Magpie

DIY cat bed, Ikea hack by Sílfide just screw a round basket to wall and make or add a cushion or folded blanket! Easy and cool.

DIY Hanging Basket Cat Perch :: Hometalk

DIY Hanging Basket Cat Perch

diy hanging basket cat perch, how to, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

The Lookout IKEA Cat hack

WHISKAS Cat Hack: The Lookout - Curious cats love high-up hideaways, so take feline furniture to new heights with this this easy-to-build library hideyhole.

We were going to put carpeting on a couple of basement walls and then shelves for the cats. Maybe this would be better than a whole wall of carpeting. Hmmm.....                                                                                                                                                      More

26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier

Glue a carpet sample to a wooden frame for a minimalist cat scratch post. - 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner’s Life Easier

DYI Box Cat Shelves

Use your wall space!

This catio is the perfect example of a window perch gone mega.

13 Cool Catios for Your Feline Friend

Would work for ferrets Outdoor cat enclosure with rain cover Beautiful World Living Environments www.

"Put kitty on a shelf:  In the words of Jackson Galaxy ”Cats need vertical space; it enables them to survey their world from a safe perspective.” If you don’t have room for cat towers, or just don’t like their aesthetic, cat shelves are a great alternative.  The cat shelves in my apartment double as modern art!"

If you don’t have room for cat towers, or just don’t like their aesthetic, cat shelves are a great alternative. The cat shelves double as modern art.

Make food-dish shelves to keep your cat’s food out of reach from the dog. | 27 Brilliant Hacks Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

Make food-dish shelves to keep your cat's food out of reach from the dog.

Cat Shelf Scratcher Feeder, 3 in 1 Cat shelf, Cat furniture, Cat scratcher,Cat feeding shelf made of recycled wood with a food bowl included