Chloe Grace Moretz don't you know Hillary is against Guns and 2Amendment plus DNC doesn't wave eney FLAGS for first 3days of DNC until REPUBLICANS POINTED it out vote TRUMP WE WAVE OUR FLAGS EVERY DAY

Chloë Moretz la mas Hermosa? Aca la respuesta

Chloë Grace Moretz

Why is she so f**king perfect?

Hi. I'm Abbie Winters. If you want to tick me off, call me Abs. I'm the President's daughter. I'm 15. I have 1 dog (Daddy won't let me get another) and he is a Great Dane named Bean. My little sisters annoy me to death, and my brother thinks he's the coolest guy ever. I pretty much only spend time with Bean because nobody really likes me. I enjoy dancing, singing, and playing the bass. I am secretly dating Jeremy.

//fc Chloe grace mortez/// hi I'm Chloe grace you can call me grace or Chloe I really don't care I'm single I'm 17 and we'll I love to meet new people so come say hi

One of Daeva's six minions. Her name is Angela Grace. Provides blackmail material.

I think that Chloe Grace Moretz would be a good actress to play Mimi just because of the way she's able to portray characters as if she was them she also has the characteristics that I would think Mimi would look like.

Hey, I'm Gwen Alex Parker, but I prefer to be called Alex. I'm the daughter of Spider-Man. I'm 18, and I'd like to call myself pretty outgoing. I have the same powers as my dad: danger sense, wall climbing, etc., etc. I also like to take pictures.


Chloe Grace Moretz steps out in London for Capital FM interview after Brooklyn Beckham photo | Daily Mail Online

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