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"I guess what being in love really means is temporarily seeing the divine in people, catching little glimpses of their perfection, momentarily being blinded by the light of their glory.

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snuffysbox: “tries my hand @ that whole ‘draw your OTP’ shenanigans if by any chance someone actually decides to use these as a base for something, please credit and tag me~ ” | snuffybox on tumblr

August chattered away, his hands forming all his words as he sat in Icarus' lap. Icarus watched Benedict walk in and gave him a heavy glare, squeezing August tighter. The boy didn't notice, however, and kept on signing.

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Go For It

Guy: hey came here, Girl: Hmmm Guy: closer, Girl: (thinking) Guy *KISS* Guy: (thinking) Yeah Girl: (thinking) Yeah