Dino Spikes High Top Sneaker    These are the cutest baby boy shoes ever!!!!!!

Dino Spikes High Top Sneaker These are the cutest baby boy shoes ever! They actually evoke an emotional response from me. I love them and I need to buy them for my munchie.

horrible shoes

The Most Terrific Shoes: They Might Bite You

dinosaur shoes - almost identical to the crocodile shoes I made back in high school except mine had a bird in it's mouth

A dino-score! // Dinosaur Print Hi Top Sneakers

Dinosaur Print Hi-Top Sneakers

Budding paleontologists and dinosaur lovers agree - these hi-top sneakers are the best shoes around! The cream lace front sneakers have an allover colorful dinosaur print that with never go fashion extinct. Man-made materialsImported

DIY Jurassic Park Shoes

Small DIY project to make a pair of Jurassic Park shoes.

These Dinosaur Shoes Can Beat Up Your Non-Dinosaur Shoes  - I can totally see Michelle wearing these to work

Awkward Collection gold heels, they don't appear to be printed but they should be! Shoes by-Monica and Lucie designers of Awkward Collection-Czech Prague Fashion Weekend 2012

Dinosaur Shoes Heels Bride Bridal Gold Glitter Whimsical Jurassic Park Outdoor Wedding http://barneywalters.com/

Whimsical Jurassic Park Inspired Outdoor Wedding

This bride and groom just went all out to ensure that they had a bloomin' great time with their nearest and dearest

The Land of Nod has just the suitcase for this! Dinosaur small world in a suitcase from The Craft Train

Dinosaur small world in a suitcase

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dinosaur Shoes for Toddler Boys

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dinosaur Shoes for Toddler Boys. They're great if your child has a large instep like mine :) Velcro on one side, & stretch via a black hidden band on the other side of the sneak.

Vans Kids Classic Slip-On (Infant/Toddler) (T Rex Slip) Verdant Green/Black - 6pm.com

Vans Kids Classic Slip On Infant Toddler T Rex Slip Verdant Green Black, Vans,

safa fahin - http://www.virtualshoemuseum.com/safa-%C5%9Fahin

Shoe Art - conceptual footwear design with no heel; stalagmites shoes // "Stalactite" by Safa Sahin

Hahaha! These are hilarious! Not to mention my nephew and niece would get a kick out of 'em :)

Dinosaur Heels

How to make dinosaur heeled shoes. I want to make these, but not with dinosaur maybe hippos or something.