Once Upon a Time - season 2 still - Jennifer Morrison, Emma

Jennifer Morrison ✾ Entertainment Weekly Season 2 Promo - Once Upon a Time

once upon a time emma | UPON A TIME - ABC's "Once Upon a Time" stars Jennifer Morrison as Emma ...

The 30 Day Once Upon a Time Challenge Day Favorite female character: Emma Swan. She's the savior, she's the one that brings back happy endings, she can use magic.

This is Who I Am. Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time, with her own quote. watercolour and digital text.

Emma Swan art with part of Emma's speech to Ashley in"The Price of Gold", "People are going to tell you who you are your whole life, you've just got to punch back and say 'No, this is who I am'"

#OnceUponATime 508 & 509 episode stills

✨Jennifer Morrison - "Once upon a time" (TV ) - Costume designer : Eduardo Castro

Emma through the seasons

Emma through the seasons. Though I've always loved Emma, I loved her style the most in Season I hope it comes back in Season

Jennifer Morrison. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Introducing Issue No. 10

I bloody love you Emma Swan! And I can easily say it! #GirlCrush

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