Paint and Water Make Unbelievably Ethereal Abstract Photos

American artist Kim Keever did new abstract creations for his exhibition “Across the Volumes” at the Waterhouse & Dodd in April From a mixture of paint and water, kinds of colorful volutes appear in the air, under the shapes of clouds, mushr.

Jannie Baltzer Copenhagen - A 2017 Collection Of Delicate, Nature Inspired Couture Bridal Headpieces

It's such a lovely, graceful way to enhance your gown without covering up your hair.] Jannie Baltzer 2017 collection of ethereal and magical bridal headpiece and accessories

Let me introduce you to Gudrun Arndt, a very nice lady from Hessen, Germany. It was a true pleasure working with her on the Llamas' valley S.

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Leila Hafzi Sustainable Bridal Collection

It's weird because I understand some people may not see this as art. But for me in my perspective it is, the flow of the dress and her hair makes the picture tell a story. Maybe she's running away from something?