Ahh, what I would love to tell an ex boyfriend who broke my entire being..

This is true considering i stared that decision right in the face and knew I should have just left it at hello

the memories creep up every time I see you. you wince and turn away as my pain bleeds down my skin

That simply means that you never mattered in their life to begin with and they were just using you. But when they walk by your child that they told you they loved that's when you know there a cruel heartless bitch

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The person might not be who you thought they were; might have changed for the worse; but in the memories, they will always be the person you loved. it's ok to cherish those memories. You dont have to allow that person in your life now.

Long distance ... Or lost loved ones (not relationships)

The most cherish moments are with your loved one’s and the most difficult are when you are away from them . Below are some Missing You quotes that may reflect your feeling 30 Missing You

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My head says who cares and then my heart whispers you do stupid!