“From there on in, all I looked for was interesting freckled faces, of all ages and backgrounds.” Pictured: Kaine Buffonge  Photograph: Brock Elbank

Freckles: Brock Elbank's striking portraits – in pictures

My name Marinena. I am a 7. I love watching my brother and sister.>>> Age:17 >>> Height: 5"6>>> Weight: 129>>> Friends: ....>>> Personality: Quick learner>>>>Health problems: self harm>>> I think the selection is a some what good thing

17 Photos That Prove Freckles Are Beautiful

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Fresh Faced, Freckle Faced Beauty. |  Camilla Christensen @ Le Management | via backspaceforward.tumblr.com

The smile in this picture is showing the high spirits. This is because when people smile they give of positive emotions and try to spread the spirit​ by making others smile.

~ some freckle faces can wear dark lipstick and not look like they got punched in the ----Bellos ojos mas bellos si ven vien. Controlate cada año. Lee ennuestro blog " Como descansar frente a la PC " y otrosmouth...

Would you sport fake freckles?

Polka dot plant • Hypoestes phyllostachya • Freckle face

These 10 Small Indoor Plants are easy to grow, take a little space, and add more appeal to the interior!

I..have ALWAYS loved my freckles..they are part of my heritage like my emerald green eyes..magical ways..and Swedish blonde hair....

have ALWAYS loved my Frühlingstyp typisch mit Sommersprossen freckles.they are part of my heritage like my emerald green eyes.magical ways.and Swedish blonde hair.

Freckle Face, Arapahoe woman. Photograph by Frank A. Rinehart, 1898

Freckle Face, Arapahoe woman - Photo by Frank A. Rinehart, on the occasion of The Indian Congress occurred in conjunction with the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition of in Omaha, Nebraska, USA - (Photoshopped)