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I would be so much fun to take some of the classes they taught in Harry Potter.Herbology would definitely be one of them !

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Just a reminder to all Potterheads that SEPTEMBER aka when we get to go back to Hogwarts, is exactly one month away! Will you be ready at Platform 9 ¾?❤️ ~Maddy ( Photo creds to

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Divination: the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

Divination is a branch of magic that involves attempting to foresee the future, or gather insights into future events, through various rituals and tools.

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Welcome Back To Hogwarts!

Welcome Back To Hogwarts! - Even wizards have to go back to school. September is the traditional start date for Hogwarts students. Please see the attached literature to familiarize yourself with the new term.

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Flying, also known as Broom Flight Class, is a subject taught at Hogwarts. It is taught by Madam Hooch to first-years only. The subject teaches students how to fly broomsticks. In some lessons, the use of enchanted rings was used to guide flight.