The Evolution of Jason Voorhees

Crystal Lake Lifer: The Evolution of Jason Voorhees [Infographic]

The first horror movie I remember watching was as a kid was Cat’s Eye, but the first horror icon I laid eyes on was Jason Voorhees. Our family didn’t make it to the theater often, so most of my film experience

All of Jason's masks

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Evolution of Jason Voorhees' Mask in Friday the Every version of Jason’s mask from Friday the Part 2 up to the 2009 remake (although technically Jason isn’t really in Part

Good Guy Jason Voorhees.

Good Guy Jason Voorhees.

RIP Richard Brooker - April was an English stuntman, perhaps best known for his role in Friday the Part III as Jason Voorhees.

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know what im recreating ...Jason Voorhees fish tank, too cool!                                                                                                                                                      More

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