Hybl Turbines H16 Engine introduction - 3D animation - YouTube

High quality turbine engine for RC jet aircrafts. Engine is designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by Hybl Turbines s.

Jet Engine

Researchers at the University of Cambridge are cooking up a new 'super' material to help make aircraft jet engines faster & more efficient.

diy Jet Engine - Pesquisa Google

diy Jet Engine - I like to say that 100 years ago there wasn't one of these on the planet, and today people can make one in their home shop.

If you dont think afterburners are the coolest shit in the world we cant be friends

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Well that's a nice fan. In fact, it's a Rolls-Royce. And it's used, I believe, in airplane engine/turbine.

Rolls-Royce CTi Composite Fan [1024x1024]

Rolls-Royce aero engines - Composite Blades on the Trent Rolls-Royce UK generates annual sales of around billion.


Cool photos of jet engines with their shell open General Electric GEnx turbofan engine.

beautifully engineered • GE-90-115B Turbofan Engine World Record Holder at...

World's Biggest Aircraft Engine by Christian Stoll - Great shot of the turbine inlet and the by-pass fan section

These mind-blowing GIFs explain how a jet engine works

These mind-blowing GIFs explain how a jet engine works

At takeoff, a jetliner engine can move tons of air per second. That’s enough power to suck all the air out of the largest American football stadium in less than a minute! Here’s a basic look at incredible jet engine technology with the turbofan engine.