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Dumbbell armpit row. A compound pull exercise. Muscles worked: Lateral deltoid, Posterior Deltoid, Supraspinatus, Brachialis, Brachioradialis, Biceps Brachii, Middle and Lower Trapezii, Serratus Anterior, Infraspinatus, and Teres Minor. Also known as the dumbbell raise.

What is BMI?

The dumbbell armpit row is a rare exercise that targets your lateral deltoid. Your posterior deltoid and various arm and back muscles act as synergists.

Decorating the Secondary Math Classroom More

Decorating the Secondary Math Classroom (Math in the Middle)

By using a simple mnemonic device, this skinny poster illustrates the factors that characterize any civilization: Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economics, and Social Structures. Use this poster when introducing any ancient civilization to your students. It works with classifying present-day civilizations, too! ©2017. 13 x 38 inches. Laminated to last. Middle school, high school.

It would be a good way to channel students' focus when talking about different civilizations or eras. It breaks a huge idea down to six different topics, with varying complexities. It could be altered a little to be more applicable.

39 ESL Warm-Ups: For Teenagers and Adults

ESL Warm-up Games and Activities

39 ESL Warm-Up Activities for Adults. Make your lesson planning easy and your classes happy with these fun warm-up activities and games.

Fill in the Short Vowel Worksheet

Fill in the Short Vowel

This short vowel worksheet gets your child to insert the missing short vowel! Try this short vowel worksheet with your kindergartener.

Merry Christmas and a Very HAPPY Holidays to ALL!!!  Since it is pretty impossible to send all of our readers a gift… we made you all a beautiful Free Printable  2017 Floral Calendar that I think you are all going to love!  Pretty flowers will greet you every day of the year!  There is a …

Free Printable 2017 Floral Calendar

Ikea BILLY bookshelf on wheels. Might need to use this in my master closet due to the odd space.

Make a pull out Ikea Billy Bookcase with Handles to store fabric in a closet for your sewing room. If you're in need of craft storage ideas for your craft room then this list is exactly what you need to read!

How to choose a versatile colour palette for your wardrobe (incl. 36 sample colour palettes) (via )

How to choose a versatile colour palette for your wardrobe (incl. 36 sample colour palettes) (Anuschka Rees)

How to choose a versatile colour palette for your wardrobe (incl. 36 sample colour palettes) one from the bottom on the left is my favorite.

Plantagenet (1154-1399): Wimple, Barbette, Fillet and Crespine  Glossary of English Hairstyles and Headdress:

jeannepompadour: “Plantagenet hairstyles and headdresses (wimple, barbette, fillet and crespine), ”

Put a picture of the kids in the middle

Бумага, картон, карандаш

Put a picture of the kids in the middle

the perfect cove rup if you feel a chill, this gray alpaca cotton /silk mix poncho is soft and lightweight on the skin, the sheer panel in the middle allows the garment below to be seen, whilst still giving you a level of modesty of warmth, or indeed just some security ie: no bare shoulders. This poncho is Ltd Edition, only 8 available in this shade this garment is ready to ship.

Occultamento di grigio puro poncho LAST ONE in questa tonalità

Как приготовить колбасные цветочки - рецепт, ингридиенты и фотографии


Beautiful Semmel like lRolls with ham in the middle.

No need for hundreds of crunches - tone up your middle and sculpt sexy, flat abs with this Resistance Band Ab Workout! | See more about It ...

Resistance Band Ab Workout \u2022 The Live Fit Girls

2 Week Diet Plan - Weight Loss Diet Plans: Resistance Band Ab WorkoutNo need for hundreds of . A Foolproof, Science-Based System that's Guaranteed to Melt Away All Your Unwanted Stubborn Body Fat in Just 14 Days.