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On This Twelve Days of Ponies

Bug Princess by Lopoddity on @DeviantArt

"Would you believe ponies around here are actually scared of my dear cousin Artemis? They think dorky old Artie is a vampire or something, just because Arte prowls around at night. What a ridiculou.

Nightmare Moon. If you kinda think of it if the moon up top below where it says " EVERY TIME I SEE THIS..."  it looks like if you flip it upside down it kinda of looks like Nightmare Moon just with out the horn and less curators.

This happens to me almost every night, I am a huge fan of Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna and Rainbow Dash. Not so much Celestia. I kind of loved Luna first but I had some issues with it. But I'm happy to be Luna I could cry!

Moonlight Galaxy (Adopted)

Galaxy swirl is 14 and the older sister of Harvest Moon. She is a very determined pony, and a student of Princess Luna. She loves to help Princess Luna in any way and studies hard. Adopted by Lexi Littrell.