Looking forward to the new year. Not even going to say new year new me bcuz we all grow into something new everyday.

May the next few months be a period of beautiful transformation. Live life happy quotes, positive art posters, picture quote, and happiness advice.

38 Wonderful Inspirational Quotes

38 Wonderful Inspirational Quotes

You don't know this new me. I put back my pieces differently. 38 Wonderful Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

I know what you meant when you said submit, that is not the point of this pin, I know you meant waiting for you to make the moves, I get it. the point is that I want all of this with you love! I also wanted to say, I'm going to start deleting these regula

47 Things That Define True Love

All the things that define true love. Love is not boring though. Nor will I argue with you. You're my everything ♥️


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is my year and I will concentrate on me! I've wasted too much time on others when it's not returned. New year brand new me!

"There is a Crack in Everything, that's how the Light gets in", Leonard Cohen

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The Home of picture quotes

I'm starting over. A new pattern of thoughts. A new wave of emotions. A new connection to the world. A new belief system in myself. I’m starting over….

Journal Questions

Journal Questions In The Bullet Journal

Make one special photo charms for you, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. 52 Journal Questions For The Bullet Journal - Hayley from Home Project Life Lauren B Montana

This "rah rah sis boom bah" approach isn't really for me, but I decided WTF and pinned it for all of you who like this kind of "dream it, be it" positivity.

This rah rah sis boom bah approach isnt really for me, but I decided WTF and pinned it for all of you who like this kind of dream it, be it positivity.



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I just want to be a better healthier version of myself.seriously tired of the excess LBS!

Definitely!! This time with loseing weight it's for health reasons not for looks. I want a healthy 2nd pregnancy

New Month – New Mindset – New Focus – New Intentions – New Results. What are your fitness goals this month and how do you plan on achieving them?