Kitchen Noren | this is a japanese traditional door curtain noren noren are

This is a Japanese traditional door curtain "NOREN".NOREN are hanged from ceilings of entrances or doorways to divide a space. In Japan, NOREN are used in stores as well as house kitc.

Japanese Noren Curtain-Maple Tree Design

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Yes! A pattern for Noren! Sweeeettt...I believe that I have a couple panels of Alfred Shaheen that I could use for this!

A pattern for Noren!I believe that I have a couple panels of Alfred Shaheen that I could use for this!

鯖寿司の老舗いづうの暖簾(のれん・noren)= curtain hung over the doorway of businesses such as restaurants or shops

A noren is a traditional divided curtain hung across the entrance of a shop or restaurant. During the Edo period, customers would wipe their hands on the curtain as they exited a restaurant, so a dirty noren was the sign of a popular business.

Blue Sky Noren Curtain

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Fishes? I like this one. So delicate    A Japanese curtain - Noren by ProjectBashoPhotoTourJapan2008, via Flickr

A Japanese curtain - Noren - The word noren usually refers to split curtains hung in front of a shop. It was once used to keep out the sun and dust but now it has many other uses, such as space dividers or decorations.

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Linen Japanese Noren Curtain - Hand Drawn - Four Seasons Summer - Relaxing Firefly & Horned Moon

京町家 Kyo-machiya.  noren curtain

Machiya are traditional wooden townhouses found throughout Japan and typified in the historical capital of Kyoto.