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Decorated cubicles always represent your status in the business and your responsibilities. It is necessary to be aware that cubicles need a lot of space, especially if you have to house a considera…

Making your office stand out, whether to potential clients, or to your employees, is tough. When people think of offices, they tend to think of cubicles, grey carpet, business attire, and a background

4 Tips For Making Any Office Look Like A Modern Masterpiece (Daily Dream Decor)

Ingenious Cubicle Decor Ideas to Transform Your Workspace - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.

This lady decorated the walls of her cubicle with scrapbook paper. I think it made it sleek and pretty. :) I might like to copy her idea sometime.

From Memphis to Kansas City: Scrapbook Paper Cubicle Wall Cover. Especially when you find one of those huge paper booklets on sale :)

Ceramic duck Paperclip Holder Storage

Keeping your desk organized and tidy is ten times easier when you have cute office supplies to work with. Look how cool this chick magnet is - pun intended!

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If you work in a cubicle, chances are that it's grey and dull. Luckily, there are cubicle decor ideas to help spruce up your workspace!

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Office Cubicle

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Office Cubicle

You spend the majority of your day away from home, sitting at your office desk, so why not dress it up a bit and add your own personal touch? Hanging a picture or bringing a favorite decor piece c…

$5.00 Don't Stress Meowt . printable poster . instant download decor print by StudioRanita

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CubeShield™ blocks out bothersome overhead lights while providing added personalization and privacy to office cubicles.   CubeShield™ improves employee comfort and satisfaction in the workplace while preventing potential vision problems caused by excessive overhead lighting and glare.   CubeShield™ attaches to the top of cubicle walls -- four velcro strips make it easy to install and remove.   CubeShield™ is easily folded and stored in an office cubicle drawer.…

CubeShield - Cubicle Roof - I would LOVE this at work! Hate sitting under a huge light. I want a smaller version that I could put lower.

Cheerful Office Cubicle Decor Dissolving Your Boredom -

Office cubicle decor lets you get a convenient workspace with the personalized theme. Check out the right stuff for decorating your own workspace!