Old Tractor and Barn probably used years ago together as working partners, now the sit and watch the days go by...

Old Tractor and Barn probably used years ago together as working partners now sit and watch as the days go by.

Farmall "M"  “This ole tractor has been in the family awhile, my Dad sold it to my cousin then,  then around fifteen years later bought it back,  I restored it completely from the bottom up a couple of years ago, what you see here is the finished product ”   What I saw was impressive indeed.  I only wish we had a few before and after photo’s.  That way you really could appreciate the overall amount of work that goes into restoring these old tractors.

Antique Farmall tractors - I used to drive an old Farmall Tractor like this with a spray rig attached. I sprayed Dacthal on cotton one summer in the late

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Not very much in the way of forward visibility. Martinez Cavalcante (JORGENCA) by Keith Black

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Farmall Super M Diesel tractor restoration and sales. Located in Central Illinois, we restore yesterday's classic Farmall tractors. Stop by and see what we have in our tractor shed

Rusty Old Tractor, via Flickr.  Is this art??  Not sure it's really an old tractor - but love it!!  Possibly more than an old tractor left to rust if it is made up art!!!

Rusty Old Tractor from Heritage Village, Largo, Florida. I love the little green vine by the front wheel.