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One Direction Awwww. Look at Louis

Omg this is so awesomely awesome with a side of awesomeness!!!<3ONE DIRECTION FOREVER BABY!!!!!!!!<3

One Direction Songs this would be the new cover for my boar but I kinda like the awesome photo shoot better.

One Direction | for Action 1D | @emrosefeld |

That Perfect faces though

Sonic Benches--Jensen Kit, Park Pano, Carter Wheats, Owen Franks, and Frankie Steel

One Direction, Four, review: 'songwriting by numbers, but the numbers add up'

One Direction / Niall Horan / Liam Payne / Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson / Zayn Malik / Four

Hi, yeah, sorry to bother you, but I'm gonna need you to stop being so flawless. You're gonna give someone heart problems and people are gonna die of feels. Thanks.

20 Interesting Things About Heidi Klum

One Direction- Niall in glasses Omg, Zayn's pose XD

Today is the day 5 boys got together and became in direction. July 23 8:22pm

On July 23 pm these boys got big

I can't express how much I love them! And how much they have changed my life! When I'm down I turn on one direction and it perks me right up! Thank you boys<3

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Anybody going to see the movie next weekend?!? I AM AND IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!

Zayn Malik / Louis Tomlinson / Niall Horan / Liam Payne / Harry Styles / One Direction / Four / Fireproof niall looks perfect on theae photos per-fect

One Direction Lockscreen — ctto: @stylinsonphones

One direction tatuajes

One Direction | @emrosefeld |

Bringing this back praise

One Direction TMH. RE-PIN if you bought the CD the first day it came out/pre-ordered it! ○□○follow me P:jamieriahi92 for more 1D pins please○□○

Am I the only one that finds it funny that Niall, the claustrophobic one, is in the phone booth

Really tou and me have a whole  lot of  history

One Direction Wallpaper Wallpapers) – HD Wallpapers

Love this. I'm not going to be sad if they don't get back together. I'm so thankful for all the memories I have with my friends because of them. Because of them I have another best friend. Because of them I have awesome concert memories. Because of them my 3 year old nephew tells me everyday he wants to ride the drag me down rocket ship. I can't wait to see what they do next. -Madison Ford

"The band of my time, One Direction. They're just normal guys, but terrible terrible dancers!

When I took the quiz it said "consider yourself dragged!" Take the quiz!!

The Kate Upton GQ Magazine GIF Collection

Oh sweet baby jesus

wallpaper one direction | Tumblr

Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis are in London. They all went to support Louis

147 Likes, 1 Comments - I Love My Followers (@one_direction_and_zayn_is_life) on Instagram

147 Likes, 1 Comments - I Love My Followers (@one_direction_and_zayn_is_life) on Instagram