Op Art- Short for optical art, it created visual illusions through largely geometric patterns.

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This design shows continuity which is why I think it's a good example of rhythm. #RUDesign

This rhythm design shows the colorful lines are curving to the rhythmic direction. This is an example of progressive rhythm.

File:Op-art-4-sided-spiral-tunnel-6.svg - Wikimedia Commons

This example of Op art or also called optic art, is a form of abstract art that gives the illusion of movement by the use of color and pattern.

Hanare Studio Diary: Bridget Riley 1931-

Bridget Riley is a British artist. Around 1960 she began to develop her signature Op Art style consisting of black and white geometric patterns that explore the dynamism of sight and produce a disorienting effect on the eye.

Credit: Walker Art Gallery/Bridget Riley's own collection Study for Shuttle (1964)

Flashback: Bridget Riley at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

A major new exhibition that charts the career of modernist artist Bridget Riley explores her distinctive skill with movement and light