This site has cool stuff. for ex. : Under the Shelf Paper Towel Holder: $7 (yes, even the underside of the medicine cabinet by the sink will be fully utilized)

Out of Sight or On Display: Where Do You Keep Your Paper Towels? Chicken Wire Paper Towel…

Chicken Wire Paper Towel Holder

A pole in the center holds your paper towels while the towels feed through a slit in the side. To replace your paper towels, lift the lid and feed the paper towels out the slit in the side. A great ac

Love this idea if you have room.  IF not, stashing ten or so trash bags at the bottom of the trash bin works great.

10 Budget Friendly & Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas

Simple DIY: trash bags on a roll. Good idea for under sink Simple DIY: trash bags on a roll. Good idea for under sink was last modified: April

Kitchen cabinet base with paper-towel roll holder built in - this is huge!

My Kitchen Renovation Must-Haves: Ideas & Inspiration

Our Base Paper Towel Cabinet has an under counter paper towel holder and waste baskets underneath for ultimate convenience in close proximity. WANT RECYCLE/trash cans

Use a paper towel holder for easy access to ribbon, twine, tape, etc.

Do you keep all your tape, twine and ribbon spools in a drawer? That can look messy, waste a lot of space and make it hard to find things. Try this great DIY organizing idea. Screw a paper towel holder to the window trim in your craft room.

Crown molding to hide your paper towels. Classy! And a shelf to boot!

42 Ingeniously Easy Ways To Hide The Ugly Stuff In Your Home

Paper towel dispenser and shelf. I think this is my favorite paper towel dispenser idea! Paper towel dispenser, great for kitchen, bathroom and over utility sink in laundry room. Comes in white, black, and brown. Love it for a guest bathroom.

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5 DIY Paper Towel Holders

DIY: paper towel holder by IDA interior lifestyle.would be great to hold paper for a kid's art area

Best 10 Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects | Tips For Women - Part 7

Best 10 Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects

Why didn't I think of this? Paper towel holder to hold garbage bags! I wonder if I can roll plastic grocery bags on a paper towel roll and use this idea.

a paper towel holder is always an afterthought for me. case in point – i’ve been wanting to DIY one for a year now. but the other day when i deep cleaned the kitchen for the first time …

diy copper + wood paper towel holder

Primitive paper towel holder by Jayscountrycreations on Etsy

Primitive paper towel holder

Make a unique paper towel holder using an old globe stand.  This would look perfect in any cottage, vintage, or farmhouse kitchen!

What would you do empty globe stand