It depends on my mood -I don't like unexpected things, but if I'm totally expecting your call then yes.

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I'm never giving a woman my phone number again. If she wants to talk to me, she can do it in person or via post.

Feeling Become Status Updates - Love Quote

Relationships are harder now because conversations become texting, arguments become phone calls, and feelings become status updates. And very slowly you drift apart without realising whats happened.

So thankful for my girls, who I rarely(never) see but will always love. Love how a quick phone call/message can erase distance and time.xo

The True Beauty of Girlfriends

The Most Beautiful Discovery True Friends Make is that they can grow Separately without Growing Apart ~ Friendship Quote

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Love the ones who free their time for you. They are the ones that really care

A good friend will want to talk to you not just when it is convienent for them, but because they want to. That's a true friend.

I do appreciate the effort you have put in recently trying to make me happy by fulfilling my every whim & every demand. Your positive complying actions have spoken louder than negative arguing words ever will. Even reluctantly bringing B to New Orleans, just because I said to. That alone speaks volumes of your efforts....but so does the brand new giant flat screen in our bedroom.

I Appreciate Effort (Live Life Happy)

Felt this a few times. A phone call out of the blue. Promises to keep talking. Then... Phone calls go unanswered. Text messages are ignored.....hope is broken. Hearts are aching....

Felt this a few times. A phone call out of the blue. Promises to keep talking. Phone calls go unanswered. Text messages are ignored.hope is broken.