pottery..............This is cool, would love to do this and see how the collection grows in one year !

Kind of resembles a retail space, but I love the open shelves, the weathered look, and the industrial faucet. That sure is a lot of dishes though.

New to kilns? Here are my kiln tips for newbies, based on my first week of owning a Skutt kiln! It's much easier than you think!

Kiln Tips for Newbies

Ever been asked during an interview if you could teach ceramics and knew how to operate a kiln? I was and really wanted the job so said “yes”, was hired and cried all the way home! New to kilns?

Follow the Clay::  Think of how the moist clay will physically move through the studio in every stage, from forming through packing. A large studio does not necessarily mean a profitable operation. It is quite possible to have a cost-effective pottery in a relatively small studio. One area of production should flow logically to the next.

Saving Time and Money in the Ceramic Studio -- layout of your space is important. This can be seen in Daniel Ricardo Teran’s studio (at left) INot only is it large and light-filled, but it is well organized so that he can make the most of his time.

a glazing corner (actually, I would just love potter Emily Murphy's entire studio to be part of my studio)

Glaze bucket storage under counter, rolling work table. Very efficient organization. (Bigger than my ceramics studio.

Getting the same curve for a set of mug handles.

'Getting the same curve for a set of mug handles.' This is A picture that made me *facepalm* be cause I have wasted so much time making jigs and forms to do the same thing as the pins in the studio could have been doing for me, lol.

Eve Simmons in her home studio. Photos – Kara Rosenlund for The Design Files.

A studio visit with Eve Simmons of Liquorice Moon Studios, a ceramicist based on the Sunshine Coast.