The term prank originated sometime during the early 16th century in the Netherlands. So in other words, people have been pranking each other for hundreds and hundreds of years. If you value your friendship in any form or fashion these funny pranks (evil pranks) are the ones you probably need to sta…

19 Hilariously Evil Prank Ideas That Will Probably Cost You Your Friendship

Office Pranks For April Fools Day

Super Simple + Hilarious April Fools Pranks

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Happy April Fools' Day! Still looking for a prank to pull? Try this cheesy "orange juice" gag.

12 Simple April Fools' Day Pranks

Still looking for a prank to pull? Try this cheesy "orange juice" gag. Or so roommates stop drinking my orange juice :)

Prank using party poppers and some tape. ~~~ I would honestly feel so special if this happened to me

April Fool's Day Prank War

I love this Prank all you need is a party popper and some tape so first stick the party popper to the top of a door and stick the string to the door and wait for someone to walk in!

I will do this sometime to my coworker! She's always hiding my stuff on me!

Troll Boss

I will do this sometime to my coworker! Because I really don't like her, and it would be very funny to hear her screaming and shouting in her office.

Prank level over 100000000 And quite possibly the most evil thing I've ever heard of

Prank level over 100000000

I'd solve this, not for the gift card but for fun. They could keep the gift card.

Bruh!! I'd do this if I were a teacher!! Heck! If I were the principal, awesome crap like this would be happen every day!!  : ItzNanaki

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