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earthguardianmamoru: “ – Sailor Moon`s Items and Weapons for all 5 arcs After drawing the items and weapons for my Earth Guardian Mamoru comic, I decided to the originals as well. Here are all of Usagi’s magical girl gadget

Sapphire Studio Design: Sailor Moon 1.25ct Diamond White/Yellow/Rose Gold Sailor Moon Ring

Sailor Moon Ring - Inspired by the Japanese Manga Sailor Moon. Exclusive to the pop-culture inspired Iconica collection by Sapphire Studios Design

Sailor Moon planitary symbols WANT WANT WANT                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This the other design I want to get, all the planetary signs, including Earth, but excluding the Dark Moon one.

Sailor Moon cetro

Sailor Moon: Sugar Coated Unicorns Unique LGBTQ wands and scepters- Gay pride Sailor Neptune wand

So in love with this tattoo   Credit: Watersofgalene  Sailor moon tattoo

This design is the property of Jess Dunlap and breah beshore who worked on this for months - the tattoo is my daughters.

Sailor Moon Tattoo Vorlage by GreCaChan

Every tattoo should be unique Das Verwenden des Motivs in dieser Form ist ohne vorherige .

cartoon, 90's, and sailor moon image

cartoon, 90's, and sailor moon image