Instructional Practices in Education and Training (One to Two Credits). The student plans and develops effective instruction. The student is expected to: (D) describe principles and theories that impact instructional planning;

At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations for Slow Processing Speed

At a Glance: Which Laws Do What

IDEA, ADA, 504 - Find out which three federal laws protect the rights of people with disabilities, which can include people with learning and attention issues.

The 4 Functions of Behavior: Simple and easy to understand chart for what purpose a child's behavior may be serving them. Once the Functional Analysis is conducted, and intervention can be put into place to replace that behavior

Data Collection Guide: Addressing Student Behavior, a positive approach. Retrieved from com. Describes the types of data and when they would be used then summarizes in the page depicted

A while back I shared my Advice for the New School Psychologist . Getting and starting your first job as a "real" school psych is as excit.

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Behavior Interventions that Work

This set includes 8 different behavior interventions that you can use in your classroom. This would also make for the perfect handout for teachers from either counselors, administrators, or school psychologist in order to support different behaviors throughout the school year.

RTI for Kindergarten, First Grade, & Second Grade

This will be great for RTI refresher meetings with my lower grade level teams This is a simplified explanation of RTI that includes a PowerPoint that you can share with your colleagues!

At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations for Visual Processing Issues

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