A CBT Counseling Game: Coping, Problem Solving, Perspective Taking, Feelings

Boundaries:Self care - My Bubble - visualization & alternative thinking strategy for Anxiety & Stress (CBT, DBT, Meditation,Mindfulness)

To introduce the concept of deeper learning. Iceberg activity - about "living above the water line" and being comfortable in your own skin. Great for Middle School

Learn your partners strengths and qualities as they see them and utilize this information to create great ideas for the 2 of you to participate in. Progress comes from utilizing inner strengths people can identify about themselves.

Self Esteem for Girls

This self respect lesson includes activities and printables. It can be used by teachers or guidance counselors in whole group or small group settings. I use it for a girls' group. It works well with character education programs. Includes 22 page interact

Spin the wheel of coping skills!

A big part of what we do with children is teach them safe and appropriate ways to cope and express themselves. This can help provide concrete examples during times when it is difficult to "find" a coping skill.

Practicing Coping Strategies (with a craft!)

This fortune teller craft contains a list of 100 unique coping strategies for kids and young adults. Blanks and samples are also included. Great idea with multiple possibilities and uses many different coping strategies.

Color Your Feelings (Intervention by Kevin O& This activity encourages feeling identification, is quick, highly versatile and fits well with the affect regulation component of TF-CBT.

How to Challenge Cognitive Distortions

Being able to identify negative thinking is important when addressing anger. We all have negative thoughts occasion but being able to catch them early - and recognize when they aren't true can minimize their impact. top hacks on losing weight