Fer Zarate

Fer Zarate

Fer Zarate
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Dragón de cresta - un regalo mexicano excepcional ¡ envío gratis a todo México!

Dragon Mexican copal wood carved and hand painted Dimensions: 30 cm long x 18 cm wide x 25 cm high Assorted colors. Made with copal wood. Pieces hand carved and painted. Colors may vary in this and all other Oaxacan wood carvings.

Treeaselbug "Alebrije"

Once when I decided to go on a trip for unknown lands (under lands) I found a fantastic creature known by human beings like "Alebrije" .A Treeaselbug, I decided to call him like this because his c.

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Las 10 artesanías más representativas de México (1a Parte) | México Desconocido

Travel by Mexico Colors and symbols are two words that define Huichol (wi-chól) art, you just need to observe a bit to find all the details and