Fabiola Rivera

Fabiola Rivera

Fabiola Rivera
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For a while, armoires were extremely expensive, but the prices have come way down - so now, I can paint one turquoise and rub almost all the paint off, make it look very western and antique-y.

Historic replica of Ferdinand Magellan’s galleon, NAO Victoria (Photo Credit: FUNDACION NAO VICTORIA)

SAIL Amsterdam 2015 - Nao Victoria Replica of Nao Victoria built in Punta Arenas, Chile in Class and type: Carrack Tons burthen: 85 Length: 18 to 21 metres to 69 ft)

H. SILVA FERNANDEZ (MA, 20th c.) - Clipper Ship, oil on canvas, original signature lower right mostly obscured by frame, re-signed in block letters in lower right corner, in silver leaf molded frame. OS: 33 1/2" x 40 1/2", SS: 27 3/4" x 34 3/4".

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