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Mark Sheppard at #JIBcon2014. I want one of these <---- Yes, I want a Mark Sheppard too.

Mark Sheppard getting caught under a devil trap umbrella at JIBcon Honestly, where does human ingenuity end with these people?

Lol Sam and Jared

Always re pin for moose SPN Strip by ShaStrider on deviantART. If the characters met the actors who play them.

Sam Winchester's Revenge #Supernatural

This is all hilariously adorable until you realize Sam's birthday was the season 2 finale, where he died and Dean made the deal for him

I've pinned this already, but... oh well. 'Tis the season for generosity. Jingle bells, shotgun shells, merry Christmas, SPN!

SPN Christmas song I pinned this cuz my vocal teacher made us start singing christmas song and I was like ummm, Hell no, and then I saw this. And I was like BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER!