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nine ceramic objects are arranged on a white surface, including two cups and one candle holder
Handmade ceramic candlesticks
three different colored lamps hanging from strings
two pieces of bread sitting on top of white plates next to cups and saucers
Platos hechos a mano
two blue and white vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Floral decor
Creating a Handmade Ceramic Jar How to Make a Ceramic Cheese Board
two black vases with plants in them on a table
Woodlore Planter
a hand holding a black and white vase with plants painted on it's side
Bought A
hand holding three bowls with designs painted on the sides and in front of white wall
a hand holding a wooden object with designs on it's sides and the bottom
someone holding three bowls in their hands with designs painted on the bottom one is brown and white
three bowls with designs on them sitting next to each other
Breakfast in blue
treat yourself to a breakfast with a table full of colors and fun with these colorful ceramics hand made and decorated with beautiful carved design.