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an image of three flowers in the middle of a red and yellow pattern on a red background
GRUPPA / Креативная студия
an embroidered design with flowers and leaves on black background, in the shape of a square
It Was A Work of Craft: Photo
a white plate with an artistic design on it's center and two flowers in the middle
sebastian wahl.
an advertisement for the international exhibition of art and design, featuring flowers in a yellow vase
Disco Tehran merges music, community and design through its world-wide parties and collaborations
a painting of grass and the sun in the sky
an art work with different colors and patterns on it's surface, including flowers
Studio Lava Beijing is erupting with puns and playful designs
an image of a flowered vase with flowers in the center on a black and green striped background
Moscow Bar — GRUPPA / Креативная студия
an image of a red and white flower on a pink background with text that reads beauty, beauty, beauty
Decorative Manifesto — GRUPPA / Креативная студия