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a dog laying on top of a colorful chair next to a red ottoman and yellow wall
Holiday Joys from Svenskt Tenn
This year, the collection is inspired by fairytales of the past. Of Swedish traditions, glossy candy apples and the lacquered seal of wrapped gifts...
two red and white striped pillows on top of each other in the shape of a reclining chair
Home — Buchanan Studio
four pillows stacked on top of each other
Cushions | Rose & Grey
a wooden chair sitting in front of a wall covered with colorful wallpaper and a lamp
Madeleine Castaing, un style à contre-courant qui inspire toujours
a dining room table with chairs and pictures on the wall
a room with a chair, lamp and pictures on the window sill in it
a red and white striped couch sitting in a living room next to a coffee table
a wallpaper with flowers and leaves on it
Product Information - G P & J Baker
a living room filled with lots of furniture and flowers on the wall behind it's couch
Home - G P & J Baker
a floral couch against a blue wall
Crayford Wallpaper - G P & J Baker
Old Houses, Hudson Homes, Hudson Valley, Stone Ridge, Hudson, Hearth Stone
Hornbeck House | Hudson Valley Real Estate
Acre, Ideas
Hornbeck House | Hudson Valley Real Estate
two chairs and a cabinet in a room with paintings on the wall behind them,
This Chicago Showroom is an Under-the-Radar Gem for Sourcing High-End Vintage Furniture Finds - Sight Unseen