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Fair value, P/E Equivalent and fundamental investing data of many cryptocurrencies.


Fair value, P/E Equivalent and fundamental investing data of many cryptocurrencies.

Experts Share: What Are the Biggest Crypto and Blockchain Topics to Follow in 2020

We asked experts about what to expect and what topics to follow in 2020.

Can Blockchain Solve Financial Inclusion?

Reports indicate sparse evidence for the idea that FinTech is promoting financial inclusion, yet bold claims like the “democratization of finance” are tossed around — so what’s really happening? Financial inclusion fundamentally comes down to this: “Making financial services more affordable and a

Crypto and Blockchain Firms Pitch In to Help Coronavirus Victims

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance pledged to donate 10 million Chinese yuan ($1.44 million) for coronavirus victims in Wuhan, China

CV Summit United Blockchain Leaders and Enthusiasts in Davos

CV Summit offered Davos attendees the chance to go deep on blockchain

Litecoin Creator Proposes Miners Voluntarily Donate 1% for Development

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee recently posited the concept of LTC miner pool donations to help boost funding

DPA awards 2019

Blockchain and crypto-focused media portal TokenPost held Decentralized Peoples Award 2019 (or DPA 2019) at Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul, South Korea today, Dec. 20.The event, hosted by the Blockchain Media Alliance,...

After Sinking 97%, This Altcoin Just Woke Up with a 23% Surge

RELATED NEWS Steven Seagal Punished for Pumping Comically Shady Bitcoin Rip-Off 27th February 2020 Bitcoin Crashes Along With U.S. Stocks, Exposing ‘Haven’ Myth 26th February 2020 NEM (XEM) gains 23% in overnight surge. The Altcoin was previously down 97% since the market peak of January 2018. XEM coin now up 71% since December, but can […]

Distributing Trust Through a Community

If there’s one lesson that all blockchain projects and platforms should learn, it’s that building a community takes work.

LinkedIn ranks blockchain as the number one technology skill companies need in 2020

Plenty of column inches are allocated at the start of each year determining which key skills and technologies employees need in their arsenal for the next 12 months. Many of these can be summarily dismissed or at least given a quizzical eyebrow – but when the proclamation comes from LinkedIn, it may be worth taking... Read more »

Ethereum Classic Labs commits $1 million with UNICEF

Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs) has committed $1 million (£763,720) towards launching a key partnership with the UNICEF Innovation Fund. Blockchain startups, working on social impact projects in emerging markets with support from UNICEF Innovation Fund will be selected to receive follow-on development funding from ETC Labs. Project teams will also get ETC Labs training... Read more »

Bitcoin a Step Closer to Taproot, the Biggest Upgrade Since SegWit

World's most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), is one step closer to seeing it's largest change since 2017.

How Does Staking Economy Work?

Everybody seems to be talking about cryptocurrency staking nowadays. As it continues to grow in popularity, exchanges all over the world seem to be lining up to offer their customers staking services – with no shortage of takers among their clientele. Indeed, Mirko Schmiedl, CEO of says that a staking revolution is in the cards.

How High Will Bitcoin Go in This Cycle?

Bitcoin has busted through the USD 9,000 barrier and is now holding firmly above the USD 8,500 level. The timing fits neatly with what our cycle model tells us for this crypto bull market. And it’s still got far to go before the cycle ends. The big remaining question is: HOW far?

NEM has Introduced a New Product SYMBOL

The momentum is building in the cryptocurrency space for 2020. NEM has announced a public test net launch. They are introducing a new product

Opening Line, Inc. Bringing Catapult to the Masses - NEM News Website

Opening Line, Inc. is one of the unique companies in Japan with a focus on developing solutions on the NEM blockchain. Examples of these are services, PoC..