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a drawing of a snow globe with a castle in it
Edward scissorhands by Angelo Parente - like the detail of the snowglobe
a drawing of a heart shaped object on a white paper with black lines in the middle
More Designs and some Colour.
Tim Burton Inspired Tattoos | Small heart design inspired by Tim Burton and some of his films.
a person with a jack skellingy balloon tattoo on their arm is holding the string
Nothing really beats a Tim Banksy tattoo.
Nothing really beats a Tim Banksy tattoo. | 27 Stunning Reasons To Get A Tim Burton Tattoo
the silhouette of a man with words written on his arms
an elaborate garden in front of a castle
a black and white photo of a man with hair blowing in the wind, wearing a choker
an aerial view of houses with the words i wish my life was directed by tim burton
a close up of a person with black hair
the poster for edward scissor's science fiction, everything has beauty but not everyone sees it
a man standing in front of a garden filled with lots of plants and flowers covered in snow
a man sitting on top of a pile of luggage next to scissors and other items
a man riding a bike down the side of a set of stairs in a building
two people sitting at a table with skeletons on it, and the caption you have everything when you have friends as crazy as you
several drawings of creepy faces with different expressions
a drawing of an animal with buttons on it's head and legs, sitting in front of a pole
a man and woman sitting on the floor in an attic with their cell phone up to their ear
a man and woman standing next to each other on a balcony with an umbrella in front of them
two people are looking into a mirror in a room with pictures on the wall and clothes hanging up
there are many different faces on this twitter account, and the caption says heena bonham e johnny depp
a man with long hair and makeup on his face
black and white striped wallpaper with vertical lines
a man with long hair and makeup is standing in front of black and white stripes
a man with long hair and makeup is standing in front of black and white stripes
a jack - o'- lantern decoration with christmas lights and candy canes on it