Just cut down a tree and don't really want to dig out the stump? No problem make it into a planter.

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas Use tree stumps and logs as planters! This would be a great use for the old railroad tie in my yard!


Potted in purples.love this row of purple pots with all shades of purple flowers. What about potting a variety of flowers in pots the color of the flower. It would look great on a deck! Love the purple!


10 DIY Inspiring Garden Pots - This is cute…Rain boots to collect the rain for your flowers.

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Nail polish marbled DIY planter Fill a bucket halfway with lukewarm water. Pour in nail polish. Dip the pot on its side in the water and let the polish wrap around the sides.

Kew Garden pots

We have these in-store Kew Garden pots - these are beautiful. My local garden centre was selling them half price, so I bought a pale pink one a deep purple one.

Bottles on the wall

We compiled a list of 10 amazing DIY vertical gardens for you to try and spruce up your garden and home. Which vertical garden suits your tastes?

Living wreath

Year round plants on a garden wall or gate with a terra cotta wreath - Bebe'! Love this darling Terra Cota pot wreath with succulents! Really unique!