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four watercolor paintings with text overlay that reads gel printing with watercolube crayons and colored pencils
Gel Printing with Water Soluble Crayons and Colored Pencils
an assortment of stamps and inks with text overlay that reads create grungy geli prints with stamps and ink
Make Grungy Prints with your Gelli Plate – Video Tutorial
the process to make an abstract painting with acrylic paint
Gelli Plate Printing: 10 Awesome Ideas · Craftwhack
an art journal with colorful designs on it
Gel Press at Creativation
an open book with colorful designs on it and text overlaying the title, gel printing with small gelli plates
Gel Printing with Small Gelli® Plates
an art journal with the title, turn an old book into an art journal
art journal in an old book
someone is painting something on the table with white paint and some other crafting supplies
Layering with Happy Colors
an art journal with lots of hearts and words written on it, including the word love
an altered book with two hearts and a cross on the page, in which you can see what is inside
some days I'm a cheap date...
the words 3 quick and easy mixed media backgrounds are shown in pink, yellow, and green
Art Journal Mixed Media Background Tutorials
an open book with the words art journal written on it and a pen next to it
Break Creative Blocks With One Word Art Journal Prompts