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a black and white photo with the words, what did the daughter corn ask the mother corn? where's popcorn?
40 Corny Jokes, Funny Puns And Sarcastic Quotes To Brighten Your Day
a black background with an image of a hand and the words, i decide a blessing over you and your family in the name of jesus
Redi2fly (@redi2fly) / X
the words god is my refuge are painted in blue and black on a black background
Download God Is My Refuge for free
a drawing of a person sitting on the ground with a hair dryer in his hand
Charlie Brown God I trust you
Gardening, Charlie Brown, Peanuts Quotes
someone holding their hands together with the words when god steps in, mirages happen
When God steps in, Miracles happen
a minion saying i don't like to call it revenge returning the flavor sounds nicer
24 Funny Minion Wisdom Quotes
a black and white image with the words jesus said come unto me all ye that labor and
Minion Sayings, Funny Minion Pictures, Funny Minion Memes, Minion Jokes, Minions Love, Minion Quotes, Funny Minion Quotes, Minions Quotes, Funny Minion
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