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Cheshire Cat - imagination is the greatest weapon in the war against reality / Love Alice in Wonderland quotes

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Fill your child with self-esteem. Children need their buckets filled each day by their parents and other adults and family members. The remainder of the day people will be taking things out of the bucket. Make sure your child's bucket never gets empty.

Te Amo Temporary Tattoo

Te Amo Temporary Tattoo

Say "I Love You" in Spanish with our Te Amo temporary tattoo. This custom script tattoo design can be worn everyday to show someone how much you love them! Tattoo Size x 2 Tattoos Included

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Then go, and make it happen, because the only thing that falls out of the sky is the rain.

Borrón y cuenta nueva.

What you can't solve by turning the page, solve by changing the book.

No matter the dilemma a hug always seems to make it feel like things will be okay |

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Of course Jesus is the real answer but after that yep hugs are the next answer lol