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two wooden shelves above a kitchen counter filled with coffee
Black hanging rail for Cups/Utensils/Mug available in 60/80cm to fit under shelves complete with 5 Hooks Mug Rail, Bookshelf
Unique, stylish home décor. Black metal rail to fit under shelf Available in 60/80cm Black or Silver Complete with 5 Hooks All items are handmade/designed by us in our Derbyshire Workshop by our highly skilled team here at Urban Reclamation
a kitchen sink under a window decorated with lights and pumpkins on the windowsill
2 Pack Beautiful Fall Foliage … curated on LTK
a bed with lots of lights hanging from it's sides and plants on the wall
Dreamy Cozy Vibes: Teen Bedroom Decor Inspiration 🌙✨
a kitchen filled with lots of potted plants next to a stove top oven covered in pots
Mache | Sustainable Yoga Storage and Conscious Interior Design Studio
We are in love with this kitchen inspiration from @sixat21 💛 The kitchen, prone to getting a little smoky, is a great place for house plants because of their ability to purify the air. Consider planting things that can double as cooking ingredients, like herbs or edible flowers like lavender 🌿 #wellness #sustainability #ecofriendlyproducts
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a living room filled with furniture and lots of greenery on the windowsills
Green and Brown for Bedroom Walls Create a growth mindset! Don’t you think we are going to make a tree? What does a tree represent, ‘life’ and ‘growth’? Since this combination is the combo of nature, it will guarantee restful nights. Paint two adjacent walls green and the other two brown. Green refreshes the mind and helps warm you up for a beautiful life ahead.
a bedroom with wooden floors and lots of plants
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