Vingle - DIY Lace Pattern for your book cover

DIY: Lace pattern on a notebook. Cover a notebook with lace and hold it in place with clear packaging tape. Spray the lace with any color fabric spray paint. After it dries, remove the lace.

Brilliant Idea Spiral Notebook- DIY Journal Inspiration

Brilliant Idea Spiral Notebook UO/other hipster thing spinoffs DIY. back to school?

Spiral Bound Notebook // RowHouse14 (Etsy)

Ribbon Notebook - Spiral Bound Notebook - Recycled Paper Notebook - 5.5" x 8.5"

Cortes de cabello para hombres corto

Hair Style hey this is the haircut i like for you. =) mens hair-get it it faded and leave the hair around the first dip^of the head longer so you can style it if it is cut too short it will control you. Style with bb sumotech and a blowdryer