Arcilla polimerica

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Fake cakes
Mini birthday cake made from polymer clay
two heart shaped earrings with the word him and her written on them
the clown earrings are colorfully decorated with beads and plastic letters that spell out clown's name
two small clown earrings are on someone's hand, one is holding the other
Clown brooch
two pairs of pink earrings with the word milk and strawberry on them, sitting on a furry surface
Strawberry Milk Earrings
two pink and blue heart shaped earrings hanging from a chain on a person's hand
three pairs of pink and orange earrings on top of a white sheet
iebis - Etsy
The more pink the better!!🌸💞🪷✨
Ornament, Earrings, Armband, Kunst, Bijou, Pretty Jewellery