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Upcycled Game Clocks

DIY Domino Clocks make a great addition to your game room or even your backyard patio. We have a variety of clock accessories along with some woodworking materials. Come visit the store today and create your own unique clock!

Yo Esto Lo Hago: Cómo hacer un llavero tipo navaja Suiza

Hacer un llavero como si fuera navaja suiza./ For you know who ,all his keys he carries

Mini porta-macetas con envases plásticos de cremas (Foto original de Breslo)

Made out of plastic - recycle/ upcycle You can paint it with a different design. You can decoupage it and seal it for outdoor use

crea tus propios sellos con la goma de los lápices

DIY pencil eraser stamps: What a great simple idea! I was trying to figure out out to save cost for a logo stamp of my upcoming jewelry line, et voila! still one of my kid's big pencil with eraser and do it myself!

13 Cosas que debes hacer con las taparroscas ¡ya!

Originales llaves de colores / http://www.cremedelacraft.com/

Originales llaves de colores

Caja de tesoro reciclando cartón

DIY Cardboard Jewelry Treasure Box- this would be a great idea for the kids to make, put a gift inside and give away to family on their special day : birthday, anniversary, Father/Mother/Grandparents Day, etc


Quick fun clutch for a fun event. How to make a clutch out of a place mat (image

Игрушки | Идеи и фотоинструкции бесплатно на Постиле Descubre más de los bebes…

El primer diente del bebé