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a bouquet of roses tied up on a bed next to a note with the word love written on it
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two white plates with food and wine on a table in front of a vase filled with tulips
𝐥 𝐮 𝐧 𝐜 𝐡 🪽
#faqlicc #lunch #healthy #pasta #flowers #aesthetic #selfcare #plates
a large bath tub sitting inside of a bathroom
a large stone house next to a body of water with chaise lounges on it
Dream Villa in Crete, Greece. Swipe left! Share your thoughts on this house. Your favorite 1-7? 🤍 Designed by… | Instagram
a picnic on the beach with wine and snacks
picnic at windansea beach
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Europe travel bucket list
two people standing on top of a hill at night with the moon in the background
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