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an open box with a washing machine in it's front and side views on the inside
a floor plan with squares and rectangles in the shape of a square, which is
an image of a horse on a shield
Alice Melvin
Cut Out and Make Horse Puppet Card, available from Alice Melvin
a bird sitting on top of a piece of paper next to some writing and drawings
Character design 101: How to infuse a drawing with personality
Style guide for the zebra finch character. Art by Tara Sunil Thomas.
an illustration of a dress with flowers on it and a cat wearing a hat,
an animal flash card with pictures of farm animals and their names in the english language
Farm animals
fruit flash cards with different fruits and vegetables
a poster with different vegetables on it
Paper Cutting, Manualidades, Paper Houses
Bastelbogen: Fix und Foxi Naturpark
a paper model of a kitchen with an oven and stove
a room filled with lots of toys and furniture
Learning Kit 작업 / 2019
Learning Kit 작업 / 2019
three paper butterflies on a piece of cloth with scissors next to them and one butterfly sitting on top of the other
Bugs and Butterflies by Tracey English
four circles with different types of birds on them, all labeled in english and german
Téli állatvédelem | Sutori
two boxes with paper cut animals in them
an illustration of a tree that is growing out of the ground
Tree Designs!
Tree Designs!
an illustration of a boat floating in the water with trees on it's sides
maggie chiang
Illustration — maggie chiang
a hand holding up a piece of paper with a painting of a bee on it
Emily Schofield