Beekeeping Tool Box

Beekeeping Tool Box- this or some variation would be cool, I always forget something!

How to Set Up a Beehive Easily assemble your own beehive in one -- hopefully warm and sunny -- day using materials from a Langstroth-style starter kit. As seen in Country Gardens® magazine.

How to Set Up a Beehive

All the essential equipment, including hive parts, the smoker, and the hive tool, came in a kit purchased online from a mail-order supplier. Its best to start with new equipment to avoid any hidden problems.

Collecting Honey from Bees is part of our free Beekeeping 101 beginner series on raising honeybees.

Beekeeping 101: Collecting Honey

Honey Egg White Face Mask: Honey has traditionally been used in beauty treatments as an anti-aging ingredient to reduce wrinkles and promote healthy skin. Likewise, egg whites are thought by some to have skin-firming properties.