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there is a wooden shelf with three shelves on it
Woodworking: Making Wood Projects Without Using Nails, Screws, or Glue.
"knock-down" style furniture - made WITHOUT nails, screws, or glue...
a wooden shelf sitting on the side of a sidewalk
These are my shelves. The gifts were prettier, these were made about 10 years ago. The pole holds bags, towels or hangers if you fold the tunic in half. They were measured to fit my old pathfinder and my Regent.
a wooden shelf with several pieces of furniture on it
Viking Shelves!
Finished these Viking-inspired shelves for medieval camping tonight! - Album on Imgur
a wooden shelf sitting on top of a table in a room filled with woodworking supplies
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Vitus shelves, finish applied, for e-mail
a drawing of a horse's head in the shape of a rectangle on graph paper
Viking – inspirerede skabeloner
#ClippedOnIssuu from Viking – inspirerede skabeloner
a carved wooden bench sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a lake
a wooden chair sitting in front of a window next to a shelf with bottles on it
a blue chair sitting on top of a wooden deck
a person sitting on a wooden chair with a red blanket
two carved wooden chairs sitting on top of a lush green field with trees in the background
a wooden chair sitting in the grass next to an open fire pit and potted plant
Bloggen er fjernet | Viking tent, Medieval furniture, Woodworking projects
Gorgeous Viking Chair - Gudvangen 2009 (vikingsnitt):