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a woman with her eyes closed and the words always believe something wonderful is going to happen
Something wonderful is happening:)
a turtle is sitting on top of a log with its head in the air and it's mouth open as long as you live.
a person walking in the woods with a quote on it that says just go, go see all the beauty in the world
I want to see all the beauty.
a poem with the words life is an echo written in white on a black background
an image of clouds with the words for one minute walk outside, stand there in science look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is
How amazing life is.
Beautiful. Be celebrated! Decoupage, Sanat, Resim, Artist, Artsy, Ark, Iris, Artwork, Blog
Beautiful. Be celebrated!
the sun is setting over some rocks and there are stars in the sky above it
EVERY soul has a purpose here.
the earth is surrounded by lines and stars
Be 'crazy'.
a car driving down a dirt road with a quote on the front saying, the most dangerous task of all - the risk of spending your life not doing what you want
My freedom is Now:)
a colorful tree with swirls and waves in the background
You're not a tree.
a poem written in the language 7 rules of life
7 Rules of Life