Growing bulbs indoors

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Grow indoor plants upside down with Sky Planters. I would stick to plants that are naturally vining maybe. Spider, Swedish ivy, etc

Grow indoor plants upside down with Sky Planters

BOSKKE founders Jake and Patrick Morris grew up in Morris & James, widely regarded as New Zealand's most iconic ceramics brand. Boskke is one of those planter designs that could change the way you think

crocus - spring has arrived  **I place these bulbs in a shallow dish, pointy side up, some gravel, sunny window and in water just up to the bottom of the bulb and they grow! Also, daffodils, etc. very easy (;

Les fleurs du printemps sont les rêves de l'hiver racontés, le matin, à la table des anges.(khalil Gebran) - Zanzibar 2013 - Le blog de dacaio

Chaque matin, la gentille femme de chambre qui s'occupait de mon bungalow me faisait la surprise d'un bouquet de fleurs fraiches des jardins de l'hôtel ... ✾ ✾ ✾ Un véritablement enchantement que ces jardins remplis de fleurs exotiques de toutes les couleurs...

Grow Indoor Bulbs in Water | Forcing Bulbs Above Water: Gardening


Grow Indoor Bulbs in Water | Forcing Bulbs Above Water: Gardening

How to Grow Indoor Blooms and Bulbs...Hyacinths, tulips, crocuses, orchids, daffodils, African violets,

How to Grow Indoor Blooms and Bulbs

Orchids, lilies, African violets and even daffodils can brighten your home throughout the year,

TULIP TIP - When planting tulip bulbs in containers, the "flat" side of the bulb should face toward the outside of the pot.

Forcing Bulbs for Indoor Bloom

Bulbs made to flower at other than normal times are said to be forced. The practice of forcing is commonly used to flower daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, crocus and other spring bulbs during the winter (Figure 1). With proper planning and care, bulbs can supply color for the home from late November until early April, when they begin to flower normally outdoors.Figure 1Daffodils are relatively easy to force and can bring the beauty of spring indoors in winter. Forcing bulbs in containersSteps…

I love watching them grow. (The journey is as much fun as the destination.)


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Grow Indoor Bulbs in Water | Forcing Bulbs Above Water: Gardening

grow flowers in recycled cans

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Elsas Entourage Att vara någons fru En 36-årig, aningen fladdrig, kvinna med förkärlek för vaniljbullar, grenhängare och företagande… HOFP Välkommen till min värld och till en av nordens största inrednings & livsstilsbloggar! Anna Storm Livsnjutare på 25 år som är bosatt på den svenska västkusten i en lägenhet med knarrande golvplanko… Ranelidskan Varmt välkomna till …

Grow onions indoors in a window!

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One of the plants I look forward to foraging when I am hiking about is wild onions. They are just what is needed to give your wild salad a little zip. At home, however, one can hardly argue the delicious flavor of caramelized grilled onion on a steak or in a burger. As is often the case, many people start preparing a dish only to find out they are missing an ingredient. Oh the satisfaction to know all you have to do is walk over to your garden to grab that wild ingredient. This time…

Indoor Gardening. A great way to recycle the old bulbs and add some unique flare to the house AAANNND grow some pretty plants! How awesome

Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening. A great way to recycle the old bulbs and add some unique flare to the house AAANNND grow some pretty plants! How awesome

This shows you step by step to plant and bloom bulbs in your home. I am going to start some today then plant them outside once they are done blooming for next year!

How To: Force Bulbs Indoors

Forcing bulbs is a way you can take garden bulbs that grow outside and grow them inside your house in the cold winter months.

Fill the jar two-thirds full with colored stones, . Add a Paperwhite Narcissus bulb  and put the lid on the jar.   Add a twine bow and a tag with the simple growing instructions: "Fill the jar with water halfway up the bulb and keep watered (do not cover the top of the bulb with water). Put uncovered jar in a sunny spot. The bulb will bloom in 4-6 weeks with fragrant white blossoms. Cost $2

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The Yellow Cape Cod Holiday Home Series: 1. Forcing Paperwhites (Source) 2. How To Hide-A-Bed For Guests 3. Welcoming The Littlest Guests in Style 4. How To Give Real Antlers Christmas *Bling* 5. Creating a Sophisticated Bar in a Bookcase 6. How To Decorate Your Home in Minutes, For Free 7. How to Create a Celestial Window Nightlight 8. Simple Hostess Gift Everyone Would Love to Receive 9. How Letting The Kids Decorate Results In True Perfection 10. How To Get Your Stockings To Hang Straight…

Spring is here! Take a a simple drinking glass and plant away.

How to grow a type of fragrant white Daffodils called Paperwhites indoors from bulbs in as little as 4 weeks! This looks foolproof... I'm going to try it :-)

Dreamy Whites

Wouldn't this be an amazing design for an indoor garden - with grow bulbs?

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