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Linoldrucke, Siebdrucke, Letterpresse. Motive, die begeistern und ungewöhnliche Techniken auf Poster, Postkarten u.v.m.
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three different pictures with the words kreative iden fur deie stempel
Das kannst du alles mit Stempeln bedrucken
Du suchst Ideen und Inspiration für deine Stempelmotive oder willst sogar selbst Stempel schnitzen? Hier findest du 9 Ideen für kreative Projekte.
two pictures showing how to make an embroidered tea towel with the words be yourself on it
DIY Stamped Tea Towels - Vicky Barone
I could stamp alternate sayings and shapes like stars, arrows, or big letters per each stamp.
several pictures of different pieces of cloth hanging from clothes pins on a wooden board with text overlay
DIY Geschirrtücher mit Schwarzweiß Druck und PATERSON der Film
DIY Geschirrtücher mit Schwarzweiß Druck und Schlaufe aus Kork - Textilien bedrucken - Geschenkidee zur Einweihnungsparty
four colored crayons are lined up in a row with the word love written on them
Make Your Own Stamps And Never Stop Stamping
Make Your Own Stamps And Never Stop Stamping
the steps to make an eco - print on paper are shown in this collage
How to eco-print on paper
How to eco-print on paper – Gumnut Magic
three napkins with yellow crosses on them are sitting next to each other and the words freezer paper handmade cloth napkins
Freezer Paper | Handmade Cloth Napkins
Handmade Freezer Paper, Cloth Napkins
an ornament made out of fabric hanging from a hook
Hand Stamped Cloth Napkins
Custom made napkins for any event! Hand Stamped Cloth Napkins | How to make a potato stamp | Geometric Stamps | How to stamp on Fabric | Acrylic Paint Fabric stamping | DIY Craft Project | Stamp on Fabric | See tutorial on TodaysCreativeLife.com
two pencils are sitting on top of some watercolor paper
Bubble Printing - HANDMADE Kultur
Bubble Printing ist genau das wonach es sich anhört, man druckt mit eingefärbten Seifenblasen. Mit dieser Technick kann man schöne Schmuckpapiere herstellen ähnlich wie beim Marmorieren, die sich als Briefpapier, Verpackungsmaterial etc. weiterverabeiten lassen. Außerdem ist es eine tolle Bastelaktivität...
the cover of how to print fabric by zeshah, featuring blue and white fabrics
The Village Haberdashery - The Daily Stitch | Bloglovin’
East London-based textile designer Zeena Shah (she’s also inspiration for the By Hand London Zeena dress, for you craft world trivia buffs) recently released a beautiful book called How to Print Fabri
there is a picture frame with the moon on it next to a cup and plant
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To the moon and back. Siebdruck mit Mond in Silberfarbe und Text. Wunderschöne Wanddeko und eine kleine Liebeserklärung. #tothemoonandback #mond #bild
two acorns sitting on top of a piece of paper next to an acorn
Stempel selber machen & gestalten
Stempel Eichel
a sewing machine with a spool of thread next to it on a white wall
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Bild mit Spruch übers Nähen: Nähen, auftrennen, wiederholen. Mit Aquarellfarben kolorierter Siebdruck und eine tolle Deko fürs Nähzimmer. #Geschenk #Nähdeko #nähen #spruch
a pink pomegranate on a white napkin next to a piece of paper
I am oh sooo looking forward to next sunday!
three pieces of paper with black and white designs on them
a Stamp a Day: 3 book stamps | Diy stamp, Eraser stamp, Handmade stamps
A Stamp a Day - so many stamp ideas:
a red and black fish design on a white bag hanging from a string attached to a wall
52 Weeks of Printmaking: Week 40 (Jen Hewett)
52 Weeks of Printmaking: Week 40
a white plate topped with a fork next to a knife and fork rest on top of a napkin
DIY mudcloth napkins - almost makes perfect
diy mudcloth napkins
a white and black frame sitting next to a green leafy print on a wall
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Urband Jungle Deko leicht gemacht. Linoldruck mit Monsterablatt und Aquarell-Hintergrund. #monstera #kunstdruck #urbanjungle
the process is being made with different colors and shapes
DIY : Print Your Own Fabric  - Poppytalk
DIY - Print Your Own Fabric Tutorial - a simple and inexpensive way to create your very own fabric pieces. No need for large screens, squeegees, and emulsion. Beautiful prints can be created with simple methods and materials. Most of the supplies are household items and the rest can be found at your local art or craft store. #BestofDIYs
the table is covered with various crafting supplies
Blühende Stoffe und Bücher | Muster-Mittwoch 267
Sieb-und Schablonedruck nach ©️muellerinart
two envelopes with stamps on them sitting next to a pen and paper towel that says you are enough
Umm, i realised this design's a tad ambitious for linocutting the first time in years since sec school art classesMany imperfections up close and also messed up carving the quote(hence i cheated and handwrote it), but yay to trying something new!
blue and white tiles with different designs on them
Müllerin Art
Sonnendruck, sunprint ©️Müllerin Art
a person cutting out flowers on a piece of paper next to some crafting supplies
Finished print. Here's my freshly printed scarf. Thanks for following my process! To see some incredible printmaking talent, check out…
a green leaf is displayed in a black frame on a white shelf next to a cup
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Urban Jungle für alle, die keinen grünen Daumen haben. Linoldruck eines Bananenblatts auf Aquarell. Besonderes Bild nicht nur für Pflanzenfreunde. #exoticleaf #urbanjungle #palmenblatt
a painting with scissors and some writing on it
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Bild mit Handletterling Spruch "Create something today". Tolle Deko fürs Bastelzimmer oder als Geschenk für Kreative. Siebdruck mit Aquarell.
a stack of books on top of a wooden table next to a cup of coffee
Rosen, Überall Rosen
three napkins in a box with leaves on them
kiran ravilious blog
Kiran Ravilious printmaker
a potted plant sitting on top of a white table next to a black and white wall hanging
Make It: Scandinavian-Inspired Leaf Wall Hanging
Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging
six small pouches with different designs on them
three cards with different designs on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Publication Instagram par L’atelier de Pique Puce • 1 Juin 2018 à 4 :43 UTC
a bowl and brush sitting on top of a table next to some black inks
DIY: Textiles estampados muy originales
DIY: Stoff bestempeln
diy mooggummi - steempel selber machen for kids to make
DIY: Moosgummi-Stempel selber machen und Shirts individuell bedrucken - Lavendelblog
Moosgummi-Stempel selber machen: Anleitung für Stempel aus Moosgummi. Aus Astscheiben und Moosgummi lassen sich ganz einfach Stempel basteln. Bei Stempel Vorlagen bzw. Stempel Muster sind der Kreativität keine Grenzen gesetzt. Stempel Ideen und Stempel Motive findet man hier.
a green and white wall hanging with leaves on it
Jen Hewett, 52 weeks of printmaking
a cookie shaped like a bear on top of a piece of paper with the shape of a guitar
Niedlicher Stempel für Briefumschläge oder Karten mit Bär.
several different types of flowers are shown in this brochure, including spoons and utensils
Alles für meinen Garten
Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps: Amazon.de: Geninne D. Zlatkis: Englische Bücher