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Nos gusta dar a conocer y compartir software libre y software gratuito como alternativa a los programas de pago. Es por eso que recopilamos los mejores…
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a blue and white square with a circle in the middle
FocusOn Image Viewer 🆕 - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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a green and yellow chamelon sitting on top of each other
Just Color Picker 5.9 🆕 -
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an image of a pixelated object with the letter c in it's center
Repartition Bad Drive 1.01 🆕 - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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the letter t is inscribed in a circle with three different colors and letters on it
TeraCopy 🆕 - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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a green notebook with the word lite written on it next to a notepad
EditPad Lite - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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a computer screen with an image of a rectangled square in the center, on a blue background
Hasleo Disk Clone - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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a blue button with the word is0 on it and an image of a window
Hasleo Windows ISO Downloader - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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a blue square with an arrow pointing to the right and left side of the screen
Hasleo Backup Suite 🆕 - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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a yellow and green logo with a cross on it
360 Total Security - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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a green check mark on a white background
CHK - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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an orange hexagonal logo with the letter s on it
Multi Commander - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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a red and white square icon with the word v on it's center corner
Vivaldi - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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an orange lion head on a white background
Brave 🔥 - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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an image of a blue circle with the word google on it's bottom corner
Chromium - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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the letter o is inscribed in red on a white background
Opera GX - 👨‍💻 hiberhernandez
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